The Roundup: Brawl at a Tuscaloosa Waffle House, Mark Richt Sings Happy Birthday to a Recruit & Tim Tebow Rules

Amanda Seyfried … Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t help his sister out? Ouch … “Man wielding machete, can of gasoline demands test results” … this is really long, but a fantastic read … this site said nice things about us … Texan killed by Great White Shark in Australia … “Woman allegedly beaten with frozen armadillo” … Bieber and Selena Gomez went to a Winnipeg Jets hockey game … an ESPN anchor apologized for this … 20 million tons of tsunami debris could be approaching Hawaii … look at all those suicide attempts in the Northeastnice work, Prince Harry; too bad she has a live-in boyfriend … Stacy Keibler used to get $10k for appearances, but dating Clooney has her fee at $25k … how could a hunter think a marine was a bear? …

Saints 62, Colts 7. Yes, I think you’ll be hearing more about this game today. [Star]

A day in the life at a Sportsbook. [Las Vegas Sun]

Tim Tebow. You’ll be hearing a lot about this guy today, I suspect. [Times Union]

“Washington residents care more about sports than the national average, but many don’t cheer for Washington teams, reflecting the region’s dramatic population growth and sizable transient makeup.” [Wash Post]

The sad cautionary tale of Jereme Richmond continues. [Trib]

History’s greatest and most ridiculous sports impostors. [Slate]

Terrence Ross throwing it down at midnight madness. [Seattle Times]

Mark Richt is so desperate for recruits, he’s calling them singing Happy Birthday. [AJC]

Did you see the Broncos’ win probability chart during the Miami game? [NFL.com]

How about West Virginia to replace Missouri in the Big 12? [Bohl Games]

Christian Ponder was pretty solid in a loss to the Vikings. Wonder if we’ve seen the last of Donovan McNabb in an NFL uniform? [Star Tribune]

Is Noam Chomsky wrong about twitter? [Salon]

Haven’t heard from Davidson since Stephen Curry left, but this is a good story. [Observer]

The commentary is at times annoying and funny, but this brawl at a waffle house in Tuscaloosa isn’t bad. It begins around the :59 mark. T-Town! [via @Brad]

Pretty impressive run by Cam Newton here. Remind you of anyone?

Love this instructional shooting video from Jon Diebler. Who doesn’t want to buy this? [via Lima]

Why is David Blaine swimming with sharks while wearing a tux? [via Uproxx]

Because you want to see it first!

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