Players Leave Lingerie Football Team Over Safety Concerns - Plus, A Lingerie Football Fight

It seems the playing conditions in the Lingerie Football League may not be so sexy. Over the past month, twenty players from the expansion Toronto Triumph have left the team over concerns about safety issues. Krista Ford, Sandra Dalla Giustina, Michelle Crispe, and Jennifer Mancini spoke with the Toronto Sun:

“We would have headaches during practice,” said Sandra Dalla Giustina, who was joined by Michelle Crispe, Jennifer Mancini and Krista Ford, daughter of Councillor Doug Ford and niece of Mayor Rob Ford. “They made a hockey helmet a football helmet, and that’s not what it’s for.”

Sprained ankles, concussions and pulled hamstrings were among the injuries sustained by Triumph players in their first game against the Tampa Breeze in September, Dalla Giustina said, adding their team had no medical staff.

Ford said head coach Don Marchione ignored requests to improve the equipment: “What I got was a shrug from my head coach. You know, it is what it is.”

I can’t say I’m surprised. These women are playing a slowed down version of the game wearing nothing but a hockey helmet and knee and elbow pads. They only appear to be missing most of the protection you see in the men’s game. It’ll be interesting to see if this is what ultimately sinks the Lingerie Football League.

This post has been in drafts for a few days now. Wouldn’t you know it? Just before it went up, Guyism found this video of a LFL fight between two feisty gals. This sport really is violent. This settles it – my daughter is playing soccer.

[Toronto Star]

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