Matt Holliday Will Miss GAME 7 OF THE WORLD SERIES With an Injured Wrist/Pinky

Matt Holliday, the Cardinals’ outfielder who signed a $120 million contract in 2010, had a brutal game six of the World Series. He made a horrible mental mistake and was picked off of 3B; also, he made an error in the outfield. He’s batting a woeful .158 in the World Series. And he won’t play in game seven, either.

Initial reports from the Cardinals clubhouse had Holliday dealing with a swollen and painful pinky finger on his right hand.

X-rays taken of the digit at the ballpark did not show a break. The club announced officially this afternoon that Holliday sustained a sprained wrist and would be unavailable for tonight’s game.

Game seven of the World Series, and Matt Holliday’s going to miss it after jamming a pinky? Are you kidding? Josh Hamilton’s hurt. Mike Napoli’s hurt. They press on. Matt Holliday’s missing the game with a pinky/wrist injury.

Remember how Jay Cutler was beaten up badly on twitter for leaving the NFC Championship game? I suspect Holliday will get the same treatment tonight, right? Sure, Holliday has had a myriad of injuries in 2011, but it’s GAME SEVEN OF THE WORLD SERIES. More from the Post-Dispatch:

The wrist injury concludes what’s been a wacky and frustrating year for the Cardinals’ cleanup hitter and left fielder. Holliday started the year with an emergency appendectomy the day after opening day, and things got more difficult and unlucky from there. He dealt with leg injuries, back stiffness, tendinitis in his right hand that happened as a result of aggressive swings, and, of course, a moth flew in his ear.

A moth flew in his ear. The guy was also injured this season “preparing to lift weights.” Matt Holliday is making $15 million in 2011.

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