Roundup: Spielberg Blames Indiana Jones Flop on George Lucas, Video of DUI Arrests in Halloween Costumes & of Course Andrew Luck!

Jennifer Love Hewitt … Happy Diwali, everyone! … all the ‘Penis’ and ‘Vagina’ shout-outs on Fall TV … paid tweets are indeed a gray area for athletes … a man claimed his prostitute turned into a donkey … teacher on student’s Facebook page: “Moral of the Story – Don’t be Gay” … a real life Slumdog Millionaire … here are a few funny penis graffiti bombs … this man vows to masturbate in every Starbucks in NYC … beaten over toilet paper? … man was beating his wife in the car and the car flew into a lake, and he died … someone got stabbed over a monopoly game … Cops: London teen at MIA had 30 pounds of cocaine in cake boxes … there’s a chance a Dumb & Dumber sequel happens … “Man cited after reporting Craigslist ‘other woman’ as burglar” …

We’ll go heavy on the World Series today, but we’ve also got to start the day with it: David Freese, hero. [SI]

The missing ingredient from all the college basketball Title contenders. [Rush the Court]

I was on the Hot Clicks podcast with Jimmy Traina. Go listen to me babble on about announcers, the media, gambling and other stuff. [Hot Clicks]

The last Indiana Jones movie was awful, and Steven Spielberg blamed it on George Lucas. [Empire]

Should Matt Forte have taken the initial deal he was offered? Seems like the Bears’ front office got to this columnist. [Tribune]

MLS gets a New York – Los Angeles playoff game for the first time since 2001. Henry vs. Beckham! [Times]

David Carr carves up Gannett and the Tribune company. Really good stuff. [NYT]

“Tebow cannot keep playing the same way for a very basic reason: He will fail to survive physically through the remaining 10 games.” [Post]

Bad news for Pittsburgh fans: RB Ray Graham is done for the season due to a knee injury. [Post Gazette]

Is Providing A Porn Star To An MLB Player An Improper Inducement? [Sports Agent Blog]

Buffalo columnist wonders why the Bills took a chance on Shawne Merriman. [News]

“Baseball’s inferiority complex vis-à-vis the NFL remains among its weirdest – and weakest – foci.” [Jeff Passan]

How many Andrew Luck stories will you read between now and the Cardinal playing in the national title game? [LA Times]

Black sports fans in DC love the Redskins. [Wash Post]

Rex Ryan’s son is a high school football player in Jersey. [Star-Ledger]

The year of the tight end in the NFL! [WSJ]

Jerry Kill coaches the terrible Minnesota Golden Gophers. He got a raise and an extension, probably so opposing coaches don’t use his health issues against him on the recruiting trail. [Star Trib]

Fell the in the shower or a hot drunk mess? [Daily Mail]

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety released this PSA of people dressed up for Halloween who were arrested for DUI/DWI. [via here, via CJ]

If Gus Johnson called hockey …

Of course they loved your outfit …

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