World Series Rating For Game Six: 13.6 Overnight, 21 Million Viewers

Cardinals 10, Rangers 9, which is being called the best game in World Series history, generated a strong 13.6 overnight TV rating (and 21 million viewers). MLB and Fox, which have been pretty quiet on the ratings’ front –  except to trumpet two victories over the NFL – were quick to boast that during the game’s final hour, 81% of TVs in St. Louis and 80% of TVs in Dallas that were on, were watching the game. Local Dallas ratings were record-breaking. All the numbers aren’t in yet, but it appears Thursday night’s game six was down 11 percent from game six of Yankees/Phillies in 2009. Of course, the NY/Philly markets dwarf the Fort Worth/St. Louis markets.

What can we expect in game seven? Here’s how they have done in the last 30 years:

1982 game seven: Cardinals/Brewers – 50 million
1985 game seven: Cardinals/Royals – 45 million
1986 game seven: Red Sox/Mets – 52 million
1987 game seven: Cardinals/Twins – 51 million
1991 game seven: Braves/Twins – 50 million
1997 game seven: Indians/Marlins – 38 million
2001 game seven: Yankees/Diamondbacks – 39 million
2002 game seven: Giants/Angels – 31 million

The big problem here is that Friday is usually a night out – the kids are playing high school football, families are out to dinner – and perhaps numbers aren’t what they would be. I think the tremendous game six will help, but I don’t know if they’ll hit the 30 million mark.

I’ll predict a 15.9 overnight, and 28 million viewers.

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