Pele Makes Absurd Messi Criticism, Has it Exposed.

Pele is soccer’s great ambassador. When he deigns to speak to the rest of us mortals, a wire reporter must be present. Pure brilliance must resound down the world’s mountain-sides and be captured for posterity. If there’s one thing Pele appreciates, it is Pele. If there’s one thing he hates, it’s anyone else being compared to Pele.

The Brazilian legend has been dismissive of fellow “best player of all time” candidate Diego Maradona. He’s also not quite prepared to entertain comparisons to Lionel Messi. At a speech celebrating (you guessed it) Pele, the 71-year-old referred to Messi as “an incomplete player” who “can’t use his head.” A Barcelona fan retorted. Not only can Messi use his head, he’s really, really good at using it. Pele won’t be convinced until he sees him do it in friendlies against the Brazilian Army.

[Video via 101GreatGoals]

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