BCS Rankings: Boise State and Stanford Need Help.

Insert the normal caveats about the BCS formula being an exceptionally poor way to rank college football teams. The rankings are (1) LSU (2) Alabama (3) Oklahoma State (4) Stanford (5) Boise State and (6) Oklahoma (7) Arkansas (8) Oregon (9) South Carolina (10) Nebraska.

Stanford jumped Boise State. Oklahoma is creeping up behind them. It’s based on human voting and nonsense so it seems imprudent to get into “what if” scenarios. But, the top three teams control their own chance to get to the title game. Barring an apocalypse, the top six seem the only plausible entrants.

I’ve seen the light. Circular debates are infinitely preferable to watching these teams resolve them on the field, as they would in any other level of football. Thankfully, at least two of them will on Nov. 5.

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