NFL Sunday: Will the Dolphins, Colts or Rams Get Their First Win?

NFL Sunday: Will the Dolphins, Colts or Rams Get Their First Win?


NFL Sunday: Will the Dolphins, Colts or Rams Get Their First Win?

The early Sunday games feature a rather bare slate of games, with only six on the schedule, and none involving two teams with legitimate playoff aspirations seven weeks in. Of course, this is usually a recipe for a wild set of finishes, when we least expect it.

The Dolphins, Colts, and Rams are involved in half the matchups. Yippee. The Colts go on the road to the Titans, so at least there is hope because Tennessee has struggled in their last two matchups. (Checks Colts score from last game). Never Mind.

The Dolphins may have the best chance to spring an upset, mainly because the Giants have occasionally dropped these type of games when they should be favored, including just a few weeks ago at home against the Seahawks. The Giants, though, must know that this is the last game where they will be a heavy favorite and they must get it.

The Rams, meanwhile, host the Saints, who are coming off the beat down of the Colts. St. Louis’ secondary is a shambles, and Sam Bradford is still out, so there’s not much reason to expect Brees to struggle here.

Minnesota at Carolina has the highest chance of being an entertaining game, mainly because of Cam Newton. Christian Ponder will make his first road start against his fellow first round pick. If Carolina wins this one at home, they climb to 3-5 after several close early losses.

Jacksonville just made Joe Flacco look bad (or was it Joe Flacco that did that?), but when I was looking at the pass defense numbers for an upcoming post on fantasy quarterbacks, it’s pretty clear that the Jaguars have been difficult on a lot of quarterbacks this year. Matt Schaub and Arian Foster will try to follow up their road performance at Tennessee and take a stronghold on the division. Meanwhile, Blaine Gabbert has struggled, but certainly hasn’t caught any breaks with the schedule to try to get going, as he draws the Houston defense, also a top 8 pass defense, after games against Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

Finally, speaking of Joe Flacco and Baltimore, they will try to play better against a much easier defense in Arizona. Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald will get to be on the same field for the first time since Boldin left. Arizona needs to get Larry the ball, but Baltimore’s front is going to be a little angry after last week and may destroy any shred of Kevin Kolb that is remaining.

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