Kevin Durant Played Flag Football at Oklahoma State Monday Night [Photos and Video]

Sophie Turner, who wore this on Halloween … long, but very good: “The Cruelest Show on Earth” … Jessica Simpson: I’m pregnantHerman Cain continues to take a (well-deserved) a beating … and he’s calling it a “witch hunt” … 100 people, in Halloween costumes, brawled in LA … Sophie Turner … the thug who killed Darrent Williams of the Broncos was found guilty of another murder … American radio’s ‘poet laureate‘ has died … a story about Séance, anyone? … I’m shocked to hear happier people live longer livespeanut butter prices are skyrocketing … “Runner Dies After Collapsing Near Finish Line at Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon” …

Kevin Durant played flag football with students at Oklahoma State. [Oklahoman]

Here’s a ton of photos from Durant’s night of flag football – he had four TDs and three interceptions. [Pistols Firing]

Scarlet Johansson talks about the nude pics she sent to Ryan Reynolds that went viral. [Vanity Fair]

Send this Jeff Foster story to any athlete you know: He’s made $47 million in the NBA, and saved 3/4 of it. [Business Week]

Man dressed as zombie arrested for assaulting security guard at nudist resort. [Florida, duh]

Cute Nebraska Volleyball player arrested for alleged hit and run. [World-Herald]

Iowa has nine losses as a double-digit favorite since 2006. Kirk Ferentz, baby! [The Gazette]

The St. Pete Times is going to be renamed the Tampa Bay Times. [Poynter]

Andrea Peyser goes HAM at Kim Kardashian: “She’s a fame whore for hire who became fabulously wealthy not for her looks, brains, sex appeal or talent. But for the super-sized quality of her protruding butt.” [Post]

Steve Smith on the terrible holding call that likely cost the Panthers the game against the Vikings: “For a 70-year-old man gimping down the field, I guess that’s what he saw.” [Observer]

“If You Were Wondering How The Police Were Going To Turn Off The Cellphone In Your Car, Here’s One Answer.” [Truth about Cars]

I’m 99 percent certain this was a reply to Ty Duffy’s piece last week. [Front Row]

Kevin Durant, as you might imagine, makes a pretty good flag football player.

Any Ice-T fans in the house?

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