Cam Newton Came Close To Being Declared Ineligible Twice During Auburn's BCS Title Run

Auburn released documents after a Freedom of Information Act request related to last season’s Cam Newton investigation. The documents reveal the university had to fight the NCAA twice (before Georgia and before the SEC Title Game) to keep Cam Newton eligible. Auburn won its case based on a few conclusions.

Kenny Rogers was not an agent under NCAA guidelines. Cecil Newton spoke with Rogers 275 times during Mississippi State’s recruitment. He and Rogers met with Mississippi State assistants. Cecil asked Rogers to solicit a cash payment for Cam’s letter of intent. However, there was no formal agreement and no money exchanged hands. Auburn successfully argued he was not an agent.

The NCAA found no evidence Cam Newton had any involvement in or knowledge of his father’s actions.The NCAA found no evidence Auburn acted inappropriately or that Newton solicited a payment.

Auburn is clear for now, especially since the NCAA has no subpoena power. Members of Auburn’s compliance staff deserve a hefty raise. May this story never arise again without concrete evidence that something inappropriate happened.

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