Floyd Mayweather Freaked Out and Used Some Colorful Language With a Sirius Radio Host

At the behest of his friend 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather called the All Out Show on Eminem’s Shady 45 station on Sirius Radio Thursday. Host Rude Jude apparently had been accusing Money May of ducking Manny Pacquiao. This upset Floyd, but unfortunately, he’s much better at defending himself with his excellent counter-punching than his tongue.

Rude Jude tries to explain that he would pick Mayweather against Pacquaio, but that isn’t good enough. Mayweather makes it a racial thing because Rude Jude is white. Rude Jude points out that it has been years since Mayweather has fought anyone good who was still in his prime. Mayweather calls Jude a faggot. It’s compelling radio.

Jude, of course, has a great point. The most seriously Mayweather has talked about a Pacquiaio fight in the last year is his attempt at stealing the attention from next weekend’s Pacquaio – Juan Manuel Márquez fight. Expect more level-headed responses from Mayweather as he continues to get called out as May 5 comes and goes. [via World Star Hip Hop]

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