Tank Abbott Was Involved in The Worst Backyard Brawl in the Rich History of Backyard Brawls

On September 20, 1996 Tank Abbott and Scott Ferrozzo met at UFC 11 with Ferrozzo winning by unanimous decision. It was ugly. Fifteen years later, Abbott and Ferrozzo had their rematch. In a backyard. This fight is the exact opposite of the boxing fight of the year we posted earlier this week. While I advise against watching this entire video, I do encourage you to click around. There are a lot of things to appreciate throughout.

Four minutes into the video, I wondered to myself, how the Hell can there be another 20 minutes? Is there an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond on the end of this?

Once Tank gets on top of Ferrozzo, a woman explains that a choke submission will be difficult to attain because, “You’ll never get under that neck!”

There is a man wearing a Jack Tatum Ohio State jersey.

In my UFC 93 recap from nearly two years ago, I compared a fight between Mark Coleman and Shogun Rua to “two turtles fucking.” I was wrong. If ever a fight resembled two turtles fucking, it’s this fight. Coincidentally, Mark Coleman actually won the UFC 11 tournament by default when Ferrozzo couldn’t continue due to exhaustion.

Tank Abbott’s goatee is hypnotizing.

This fight was originally supposed to take place at an old strip club on Pay-Per-View. Can you imagine your reaction if I asked you for $35 to watch this?

Once Ferrozzo catches his breath, he starts taunting Abbott. All the while, Abbott is laying on top of Ferrozzo, punching him in the head whenever he can get a hand free. “Woooo!”


Because you want to see it first!

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