Cleveland Is Pretty Much Done With Peyton Hillis

Cleveland Is Pretty Much Done With Peyton Hillis


Cleveland Is Pretty Much Done With Peyton Hillis

Peyton Hillis will miss his third straight game today. If only it were as simple as an injury. Hillis’ days in Cleveland may be numbered. His teammates and the Cleveland fans that so recently fell in love with him seem to be done with the Madden cover boy. Apparenty, teammates are upset that Hillis went to Arkansas to get married last Tuesday. Here’s Seneca Wallace via Cleveland Scene:

“Of course we’re going to be a little upset if Peyton’s not in there getting his treatment,” said Wallace. “We’re a team, and we rely on each other. But if he felt he wanted to go get married that day, that’s his business. You never really know what a person is going through. You don’t know what type of influences a person might have. I don’t know the stuff that Peyton has going on in his life.”

I know professional athletes and famous people are different, but a wedding is a pretty big deal. Obviously, Thundercock should have told his little lady that they should wait until the season was over, but a shotgun ceremony on a Tuesday doesn’t seem like that big a deal. Especially when the Browns are already out of playoff contention.

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