Jay Mohr Tweets About Penn State, People Get Upset

Penn State and Joe Paterno are very popular topics right now. You may have noticed 95% of all posts on sports blogs have to do with JoePa, Jerry Sandusky, children and Penn State University. It’s enough to make you miss the banality of Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

Today, Jay Mohr, tweeted this gem:

I’ll wait until you stop laughing. To call it a joke would be a disservice to anyone who has ever actually written one. Needless to say, some people found it to be in poor taste and responded unfavorably. Mohr got defensive and turned against his followers despite their valid points. Screen grabs via HyperVocal:

Mohr later deleted the tweets. It’s refreshing to see someone besides an athlete do something stupid on Twitter. Unfortunately, there’s no one to fine Mohr. All we can do is hope the NHL doesn’t ask him back to host their next awards show.


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