Joe Paterno Will Be Out as Penn State Coach "within days or weeks" Says the New York Times

The New York Times is reporting that Penn State is currently planning Joe Paterno’s exit as head coach of the Nittany Lions. Pete Thamel and Mark Viera write that Paterno will definitely not be the coach next season, and he could be removed “within days or weeks.”

The board of trustees has yet to determine the precise timing of Paterno’s exit, but it is clear that the man who has more victories than any other coach at college football’s top level and who made Penn State a prestigious brand will not survive to coach another season. Discussions about how to manage his departure have begun, according to the two people.

Paterno, 84, is Penn State football. He’s been the school’s head coach for 46 years, has 409 victories, and has guided the Nittany Lions to two titles (1982 and 1986). But he won’t be able to survive a child sex abuse scandal involving his former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky that has rocked the Happy Valley community.

Paterno’s reluctance to do the right thing – as Ty Duffy eloquently noted, “the man supposed to embody courage, dignity and nobility showed weakness … His irresponsibility may have led to the harm of innocent children. His failure, for someone who places himself in a position of authority, is inexcusable” – in the Sandusky scandal, and then allow the creepy pervert to hang around campus and team facilities and the program in general is abhorrent. He built an incredible football program, but his legacy will be tainted by what he didn’t do.

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