Joe Paterno's Living Room Window Press Conference Or: Penn State Fans Are Delusional [Update: With Video]

Obviously, this Penn State mess is, well, a mess. Tonight an untold number of Penn State students and fans gathered outside embattled head coach Joe Paterno’s (I’m just guessing) state-funded home in Happy Valley. These kids are delusional and disappointing.

Can you really blame them? They grew up watching mighty Penn State and its legendary Hall of Fame head coach. Penn State is their school. Their parents all have “Proud Parents of a Nittany Lion” stickers in the back window of their cars. Now the entire world has turned against their school and their coach. They don’t see a man who at the very least, turned a blind eye to a monster taking advantage of helpless children for untold years. All they see is their coach — a proud man who would rather die coaching games than live watching them.

It is puppy love at its most pathetic. That is why they can do nothing but chant and march is support of a man who will soon be asked to leave their campus. That is why we get idiots like this guy with his smarmy “Occupy McKee St” sign. They are stupid kids who can not grasp what they are doing. So pity them. Pity the fact that they rally in support as the number of victims doubled in a day. They are young and they know not what they do. Though it seems even when you are old enough to know what you do at Penn State, you don’t do the right thing either.

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[UPDATE: You have to see this Paterno video to believe it. via Dan Wolken]

Because you want to see it first!

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