Ashton Kutcher, Who Has A Charity Devoted To Ending Child Sex Slavery, Wants To Know Why We Disrespect Joe Paterno

Ashton Kutcher wants to know why people would disrespect Joe Paterno so much as to fire him.

How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste

That tweet has since been deleted.

I suppose people can have different positions, though after reading the reports I don’t know how anyone associated with having knowledge of what happened in 2002, and who had a chance to stop Jerry Sandusky, stays at Penn State, legend or not. But probably not a good idea to get extremely outraged over Paterno’s ouster when you are a celebrity who has a charity called the DNA foundation, devoted to stopping childhood sex slavery, that states:

We must not simply say we care about the children of our world, we must show we do!  Our job as a world community is to stand up for those who cannot protect themselves, and teach them love.  Teach them that they are more than their circumstances.  Tell them and show them that we care.  Not to turn our backs when someone’s light in this world is in danger.

How long does it take for a publicist and PR people to get in touch with you late at night? Judging by his timeline, roughly 34 minutes. Or maybe it was the thousands of mentions coming into him late at night. He posted responses that he recanted and didn’t know the full story, and had no idea about the child rape scandal.

Is it possible that someone hasn’t been on our site in the last 96 hours and had no clue about the Penn State thing, but magically tuned in just in time to see him get fired? I guess so. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt here. But can someone go ahead and tell him about Kim Kardashian before he sends that belated wedding gift? That would be embarrassing.

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