NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview: Week 10

NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview: Week 10


NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview: Week 10

If I’m lucky, I’ll be watching all the games in a bar in Syracuse and then sleeping during the car ride home. If Lisk is lucky, his kid won’t puke on him before halftime. Suck it parents!

Song Of The Week

This song is for Joe Flacco, Tony Romo, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

Last week: CRM (8-6) — Lisk.(9-5)
Overall: CRM (58-61-8) — Lisk (66-56-9)

Denver (+3.5) @ Kansas City
CRM – I know Lisk is going to try and jinx this obvious Chiefs victory by picking the Broncos. Also, I feel like this should be a late game. (Chiefs -3.5)

Lisk – The Chiefs should out ‘Merica the Broncos by putting Ricky Stanzi in the game to counter any Tebow factor. (Broncos +3.5)

Jacksonville (-3) @ Indianapolis
CRM – Grantland recently ranked Indianapolis the #1 most curse or depressed or something sports city (link redacted) because Curtis Painter isn’t Peyton Manning or something. I wonder if they get tired of all the math and science it takes to keep the lights on over there? (Jaguars -3)

Lisk – I’ve decided to join the Colts players, and am also giving up on picking the Colts. (Jags -3)

Buffalo (+5.5) @ Dallas
CRM – Sometimes the Bills just don’t compete. It’s tough when you’re used to the bright lights of Toronto. (Cowboys -5.5)

Lisk – Fred Jackson will get revenge for Jerrah destroying his childhood home. (Bills +5.5)

Houston (-3.5) @ Tampa Bay
CRM – Did I tell you guys I quit playing fantasy football weeks ago? I think I’m done. It feels so damn good. (Texans -3.5)

Lisk – This is a straight matchup play. I don’t see the Bucs slowing down the Houston offensive line, especially with McCoy now out for the year. (Texans -3.5)

Tennessee (+3.5) @ Carolina
CRM – Ah, the battle of the Bayou! (Panthers -3.5)

Lisk – I wonder if Cam Newton spent the bye week doing interviews with Peter King. /I always thought bayous were in Louisiana? (Panthers -3.5)

Pittsburgh (-3.5) @ Cincinnati
CRM – With four games remaining against the Ravens and Steelers, it might be time to count the Bengals out. Not because of their schedule, but because they have a freaking ginger quarterback. (Steelers -3.5)

Lisk – I’m just happy that this start has earned Marvin Lewis 5 more years. (Steelers -3.5)

Washington (+4) @ Miami
CRM – Something about Kim Kardashian motivating Reggie Bush to whatever. (Dolphins -4)

Lisk – Can I copyright the name John Beckdown before it’s too late? (Redskins +4)

New Orleans (-1) @ Atlanta
CRM – So Julio Jones is good again. That should make Matt Ryan stink less. (Falcons +1)

Lisk – The Saints/Falcons series is underrated and the road team tends to play pretty well since they are both dome teams. (Saints -1)

St. Louis (+3) @ Cleveland
CRM – Is this real life? (Browns -3)

Lisk – The showdown that everyone will be talking about on Sunday, as Pat Shurmur goes against the team where he was an assistant. I trust the Rams to improve more than the Browns at this point. (Rams +3)

Arizona (+13.5) @ Philadelphia
CRM – Kevin Kolb’s revenge game! Related: I think that I should be able to play “kolb” in Words With Friends. (Eagles)

Lisk – Who would have believed the Cardinals had the better punt returner before the season? (Cardinals +13.5)

Baltimore (-7) @ Seattle
CRM – I have never been to Seattle, but I’ve always heard wonderful things about the Pacific Northwest. At least it’s not in a fly-over state. (Baltimore -7)

Lisk – Does anyone fly over Glens Falls? Or is it on the road to nowhere? /votes someone off American Idol that Stephen really wants to stay. (Seahawks +7)

Detroit (+3) @ Chicago

Lisk – Lovie Smith would like to throw an ill-advised challenge flag regarding the Bears being only favored by 3. (Bears -3)

New York Giants (+3.5) @ San Francisco
CRM – Solid late game. Good test for the Niners. I just wonder if Eli will get lucky again. (49ers -3.5)

Lisk – If you want to beat San Francisco, you have to cover the linemen. (49ers -3.5)

New England (+1) @ New York Jets
CRM – I can already see myself glaring at the television and turning off my computer by halftime. (Jets -1)

Lisk – The Penn State crisis has limited the amount of game previews on this one. We apologize. (Patriots +1)

Minnesota (+14) @ Green Bay
CRM – I am still shuffling. (Vikings +14)

Lisk – Who’s Aaron Rodgers doing the Double Check Discount with these days? (Packers -14)

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