Floyd Mayweather Sr. Got Sucker Punched by Some Internet Dude

I’m not even sure where to start with this. Floyd Mayweather Sr. got sucker punched by Charlie Zelenoff. “Who the Hell is Charlie Zelenoff?” you might be asking yourself. I had never heard of the dude before yesterday, but doing a Google search for this guy uncovers a treasure trove of delusional dumbassery.

This Zelenoff guy is either a supreme idiot or one of the smartest performance artists since Andy Kaufman. Zelenoff is a boxer who claims to be an undefeated champion, despite his official record of 0-1. The most beautiful part about that official record? The loss came against Andrew Hartley, who has a career record of 2-21. Also, their fight took place at a middle school in Paris, Arkansas. Here’s a comical documentary about that fight. I honestly can’t tell if they’re serious.

So at some point, Zelenoff found himself in a ring with 61-year-old Floyd Sr for a round at a local gym. Nearly 40-years his senior, Mayweather gives as well as he takes. Late in the round Zelenoff gets backed into a corner and goes through the ropes. As Mayweather walks away, Zelenoff runs at him and sucker-punches him. Then someone else runs in the ring and attacks Zelenoff. Since the camera doesn’t clearly capture either the sucker punch or the ensuing beat down, I can’t honestly say this if this is real or not, but I like to think it is.

This guy is a piece of work.


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