High School Football Coach Resigns After Giving His Team A "Hurt Feelings Report"

This is the Hurt Feelings Report. This is also the reason that Buffalo High School (Wyoming) head coach Pat Lynch had to resign this week. What would possess a coach and high school guidance counselor to do something like this? Probably an over abundance of weakness in his manly prescience, but I digress.

K2Radio.com published the report. Lynch wanted to know why his kids had their feelings hurt. Was it because:

1. I am thin skinned
2. I am a pussy
3. I have woman like hormones
4. I am a queer
5. I am a little bitch
6. I am a cry baby
7. I want my mommy
8. My butt is easily hurt
9. All of the above

Kind of awesome in a sick and twisted way. If this were parody and not something written by a guidance counselor because:

1. He’s an idiot
2. See #1

Because you want to see it first!

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