Oregon Upsets Stanford 53-30, Controls Pac 12 Destiny

Oregon Upsets Stanford 53-30, Controls Pac 12 Destiny


Oregon Upsets Stanford 53-30, Controls Pac 12 Destiny

Another plucky underachiever bites it on a national stage. Oregon upset Stanford 53-30 at the farm, all but clinching a place in the Pac 12 title game in Eugene. Stanford needed their defense to limit Oregon’s big plays. The Ducks had three touchdowns of longer than 40 yards. The Cardinal needed to be flawless in the pursuit of points. Their kicker did things like this. Oregon was just much, much faster.

Heisman Implications: Definitely wide open. Luck didn’t have a great game (26/40, 227 yards, 3 TD 2 INT). Though drops hurt him and caused one of the interceptions. LaMichael James (21 touches, 156 total yards and 3 TD) has reinserted himself into the race. Elder statesmen Brandon Weeden and Case Keenum are lurking around the periphery with undefeated teams and ridiculous numbers.

BCS Implications: Boise State and Stanford losing raises the probability for some BCS strife to end the season. LSU and Oklahoma State win and they’re in. If Oklahoma upsets the Cowboys, however, you could end up with Alabama, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Clemson/VaTech, Boise State and Stanford all with one loss and Houston undefeated. That gets complicated further if LSU loses to Arkansas or in the SEC Title Game. If only there was a simple, logical way to sort this out that would be really entertaining and make schools a lot of money…

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