A Penn State Fan Showed Up with a "Put Abused Kids First Sign" Saturday and Was Taunted Mercilessly

According to the Washington Times, Penn State graduate John Matko showed up at the Nebraska-Penn State game with a sign that read:

“Put abused kids first …Don’t be fooled, they all knew. Tom Bradley, everyone must go.”

This is how Mr. Matko was greeted by unruly Nittany Lions fans:

* “That is such [expletive]! … Who the [expletive] do you think you are?”

* A beer showered Matko. One man slapped his stomach. Another called him a “[expletive].”

* “You’re going to get your [expletive] kicked, man,” a man bellowed.

* “That’s [expletive], guy,” another said.

* “What a [expletive] idiot, man,” shouted one fan. “Get out of here.”

Stay classy, Penn State football fans.

At Penn State’s stadium, profanity, scorn greet one father’s protest [Washington Times]

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