Matt Kemp Close to Signing 8-Year, $160 Million Contract

According to everyone who has ever discussed the game of baseball in a public forum, the Los Angeles Dodgers are “on the verge” of signing Matt Kemp to an eight-year deal worth $160 million. Sure, that’s a truckload of money for Rihanna’s former bone buddy, but at 27 years of age the contract will be up when Kemp turns 35, otherwise known as the age where baseball players suddenly turn into Montgomery Burns; or A-Rod.

Assuming the monster deal ends up somewhere in the neighborhood of the widely reported mountain of dollars, it would eclipse the incredibly regretful $105 million deal the Dodgers awarded Kevin Brown back in 1999. Sounds like we’ll find out for sure later this afternoon at some ceremony taking place in, you guessed it, Compton.

While locking up a young star player before selling the team is a sound business decision, I’m assuming this was Frank McCourt’s olive branch to Dodger fans in the hopes he can safely leave town without a gang of rioters following closely behind.

[Via L.A. Times, The World]

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