Roundup: Packers Destroy Vikings 45-7, Herman Cain Knows Libya & Katy Perry Can't Play the Flute

Maria Menosnos … and more Maria Menounos … “Teens using vodka tampons to get drunk” … Community has been taken off NBC’s mid-season schedule, but not canceled … Jay-Z is GQ’s man of the year … TV news director killed by hit-and-run driver; alcohol may have been a factor … if you’re going to donate to a good cause, here’s one … how heavily will the German kid who won the WSOP be taxed? … Anna Kournikova is leaving The Biggest Loser … MTV wants beauty bloggers! … a breakdown of LaMichael James’ 58-yard TD run against Stanfordvomit-worthy old Sandusky interview from the late 80s … is Pippa single? …

Green Bay Packers 45, Minnesota Vikings 7. The Packers are 9-0. [JS Online]

Is Charles Pierce killing it or what? Grantland has a nice collection of writers, but all of his work has been fantastic. [Grantland]

Tom Izzo is saddened and sickened by the Penn State scandal. [Detroit News]

The “Beast of Blackjack,” Don Johnson won $2 million in blackjack in Atlantic City in October. He’s the same guy who won $15 million in five months earlier this year. [Press of Atlantic City]

Joe Paterno’s name is off the Big Ten championship trophy. [CBS Sports]

The Entrepreneurial Generation. Must-read. [NY Times]

“Sandusky’s attorney says he found 2002 victim and the boy says he was never assaulted.” [Penn Live]

Former Washington State linebacker Steve Gleason is suffering from ALS. [Seattle Times]

I’m not really feeling the NBA right now, but I thought this John Canzano column on the lockout was pretty good. [Oregonian]

“Joe Paterno is neither a victim nor a scapegoat — as some have suggested — in any of this. He was, and is, very much a part of it.” [Wash Post]

Here’s Herman Cain looking very Presidential answering a question about Libya. (Is this sarcasm tag necessary?)

Stephen Colbert, before he became a big star.

Katy Perry can’t play the flute? I’m shocked.

Because you want to see it first!

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