The Second Mile Chairman Was Political Donor to Judge Who Reduced Jerry Sandusky's Bail

Jerry Sandusky is accused of being a serial predator and pederast. Prosecutors asked for bail to be set at $500,000 and for Sandusky to be forced to wear a tracking bracelet. Judge Leslie Dutchcot, however, set bail at $100,000 with no bracelet and in order not to have contact with children. The bail was unsecured, meaning he need not pay it unless he misses his court date.

This ruling seemed a bit light to most observers given the charges, including Pennsylvania politicians who have raised a couple potential conflicts of interest. Dutchcot had previously performed charity work for The Second Mile (no contact with Sandusky), but more interestingly, Robert Poole, the chairman of The Second Mile, held a campaign fundraiser for Dutchcot at his home that raised $1,463 for her campaign. Poole also donated nearly $10,000 to the campaign of Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett, who recently called for an investigation of the charity.

Will be interested to see if State College takes a tumble down these ratings. Long way to go to catch Detroit.

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