The Roundup: Elisabeth Hasselbeck vs. Bill Maher, UCLA Lost Again & Anthony Davis Highlights From His Kentucky Debut

Jennifer Love Hewitt … “Unhappy panhandler punched man who ‘only’ gave him $2″ … stupid kids are putting something called a ‘Klout score’ on their resume … pet hippo kills its owner in South Africa … the decline of FM radio … here’s a meltdown at McDonald’s … after being surprised by the byline, read the story … “Police solve mystery of severed buffalo head found in Boulder yard” … most news organizations use twitter as an RSS feed … police are looking for this nutjob who fired shots at the White House … a 75-year-old teacher allegedly masturbated in class …

Middle Tennessee State 86, UCLA 66. In Los Angeles. The Bruins are 0-2. Panic! [LA Times]

Must-watch news video of a casino crew that cheated at blackjack and won $7 million before being taken down. [10 News]

Coach K has the record: 903 wins. [Observer]

And here’s a story about Coach K’s relationship with the man he passed, prickly Bob Knight. [SI]

Writer thinks Mark Sanchez will wind up being compared to someone named Eric Hipple. Who is Eric Hipple? [Jeff Pearlman]

Coastal Carolina 71, LSU 63. That’s a bad loss. [KATC]

Houston Nutt has suspended his starting QB and leading rusher for the Rebels’ game against LSU Saturday. [Sun-Herald]

Alternative view on Mike McQueary and Penn State: “Some people suffer from what the psychologists call Normalcy Bias. When they find themselves in some unsettling circumstance, they shut down and pretend everything is normal.” [NYT]

Absolutely nobody has any idea what Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer was doing letting his client talk. [Reuters]

Dan Shaughnessy claims that Heidi Watney is probably done at NESN. We heard the same rumor in August. [Globe]

Pete Schrager’s mock draft has Robert Griffin III going 14th overall to Kansas City. [Fox Sports]

The Media! “West Valley City mayor admits using false identity to write news stories.” [Desert News]

Hunter Pence is dating a Playboy Playmate. [Crossing Broad]

On the future of news aggregation. [Daily Northwestern]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck vs. Bill Maher. It gets pretty chippy.

These people are imbeciles. [via NYCMike]

A collection of Anthony Davis highlights from his impressive debut at MSG last night in a victory over Kansas. [Herald Leader]

Al Michaels vs. Boomer Esiason? [via Bob’s Blitz]

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