Roundup: South Park Renewed, Landry Jones Had His Tires Stolen & ECU Had an Umbrella-Related Gun Scare

Karine Vanesse… rich neighbors smash Christmas lights over tree dispute … a short film about “losers”… someone made 67 911 calls in 2 hours Emmanuelle Chriqui has nice legs … a burglar got stuck in a chimney … something about Mila Kunis … a 10-year-old stole a truckdog finds new home … a list of all the Occupy mayhem … Charles Manson’s right hand man, Tex Watson, denied parolePETA wants a town to change its name … guy leaves his daughters in the car as he flees an accident … Justin Bieber’s not a dad! … here’s a sarcastic gorillathis drug tunnel in San Diego is just like the one in Weeds …

South Park renewed for 3 more years! Yay! [NY Daily News]

Long Beach State 86, Pittsburgh 76. The college basketball upsets continue. [Post-Gazette]

A pilot got stuck in the bathroom, and the co-pilot panicked when a guy with an accent tried to tell him what was happening. [Post]

Get rid of Ron Zook! [Sun-Times]

The Astros sale will be approved if they move to the AL. [ESPN]

The lesson behind the 8.8 million viewer peak of UFC On FOX. [MMA Fighting]

Umbrella confused with gun. ECU shut down for afternoon. [WRAL]

The story behind Bob Costas’ Jerry Sandusky interview is kind of surprising. [CSN]

Tiger didn’t do so well at the President’s Cup. [BBC Sport]

Ten Zombie-proof house designs. [dorknob]

Christine Brennan thinks Penn State should pass on playing in a bowl game. [USA Today]

Ricky Gervais is returning to host the 2012 Golden Globe awards. [LA Times]

The Marlins didn’t really offer Albert Pujols that much money. [Fish Tank]

Landry Jones’ tires were stolen this week. [OU Sports]

Jets fans turning on the Sanchize? NooO! [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Retire or fight Pacquaio for a fourth time? [Bad Left Hook]

There is a slight chance that Karl Pilkington is the greatest alternative comedian and performance artist of all time. He also might just be an idiot.

Good sign off.

Occupy Wall Street clean up.

Almost lost his face there.

Childish Gambino on Conan the other night. Save Community!

Because you want to see it first!

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