Did Mike McQueary Play in a 2nd Mile Golf Fundraiser Organized by Jerry Sandusky Just One Year After Witnessing the Alleged Shower Rape?

Mike McQueary is shaping up as a key figure in the Penn State scandal because he allegedly witnessed Jerry Sandusky raping a young boy in the shower in 2002. Whether or not McQueary took action to physically break up the disgusting act remains unclear – all signs point to no – but he did pass along the disturbing news to coach Joe Paterno. The New York Times has a powerful story with some great reporting about how the Sandusky investigation unfolded, and McQueary comes off as a sympathetic figure (the prosecution is going to need him):

So investigators set up a meeting in an out-of-the-way parking lot, according to those with knowledge of the case.

There, one day a little over a year ago, McQueary unburdened himself, the two people said. He needed little prompting.

But Mike, how could you in good conscience witness something like that and then go play in a 2nd Mile golf fundraiser – organized by Sandusky – one year later? Very curious to see how McQueary defends himself on this one.

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