NFL Pigsplosion Pigsplosion Preview: Week 11

NFL Pigsplosion Pigsplosion Preview: Week 11


NFL Pigsplosion Pigsplosion Preview: Week 11

Have you guys been watching Homeland? I’m only three episodes in, but it’s pretty damn good. My one complain would be that it has the worst opening credits of all time. Can you remember a worse opening than Claire Danes standing in a maze? Perhaps Claire Danes standing in a corn maze? With maize? These are the things that keep me up at night.

I will also take this opportunity to say how sad it is that Community is getting pulled from the NBC schedule. That’s all. Enjoy your football.

A Song For Tim Tebow

Fuckin’ comebacks. How do they work?

Last week: CRM (6-9) — Lisk.(12-3)
Overall: CRM (64-70-8) — Lisk (78-59-9)

Buffalo (+2) @ Miami
CRM – Without a cheerleader to kiss, I’m not sure that David Nelson will be as motivated to carry the offensive load for the Bills again. (Bills)

Lisk – Ryan Fitzpatrick has played worse since he signed that contract. Of course, he has played the 4th and 5th best pass defenses the last two weeks. That might have something to do with it more than Fitzy making it rain in the Buffalo nightclubs. (Bills +2)

Cincinnati (+7) @ Baltimore
CRM – Lets see… the Ravens… lost last week. To the Seahawks. Yeah, they’re due to win by three touchdowns. (Raves)

Lisk – Ray Lewis is out. A.J. Green is likely out. Joe Flacco, though, is playing, so don’t freak out just yet. (Bengals +7)

Jacksonville (Pick) @ Cleveland
CRM – I pick something besides the game. (Jags)

Lisk – First one to score a safety and have an offensive lineman score wins. (Browns PK)

Oakland (-1) @ Minnesota
CRM – Christian Ponder is the worst of the rookie sensations, right? (Raiders)

Lisk – Cross conference game, team that has struggled with rush defense, going against Adrian Peterson and a team that just got embarrassed. Oh, and we can’t actually have an AFC West have a winning record. (Vikings +1)

Carolina (+7) @ Detroit
CRM – I think we’re all over Cam Newton at this point. (Lions)

Lisk – I’ve ridden the Panthers successfully as an underdog all year, and I’m not jumping off just because they had their worst game. (Panthers +7)

Tampa Bay (+14.5) @ Green Bay
CRM – Battle of the bays. Winner gets Tampa’s weather. Loser gets Green’s weather. (Packers)

Lisk – The only way Tampa wins is if Albert Haynesworth falls on Rodgers’ foot in the first quarter. (Packers -14.5)

Dallas (-8) @ Washington
CRM – There’s still time for the Redskins to sign Tebow and trot him out on Sunday. They have a shot. (Cowboys)

Lisk – There’s no way Dallas blows this. They are a complete team that plays consistently and won’t ever come out flat on the road. (Redskins +8)

Arizona (+10) @ San Francisco
CRM – Arizona children dress up at Skeltons for Halloween. Instead of trick-or-treating, they win. (49ers)

Lisk – Skelton Mania is about to sweep the country. Sure, he may not look pretty all the time, but he has now won two games late. I just wish the media would stop already. (Cardinals +10)

Seattle (+3) @ St. Louis
CRM – The Rams are coming off an emotion win in Cleveland. I assume it was emotional. I didn’t see it. Anyone? Spence? (Rams)

Lisk – The fight for 2nd place in the NFC West is one of the more interesting storylines in the NFL this season. It adds another chapter this week. (Seahawks +3)

Tennessee (+7) @ Atlanta
CRM – Can Chris Johnson not suck for two straight weeks? The Falcons better hope not. Also, avoiding awful decisions will help. (Titans)

Lisk – Chattanooga must be a-buzz this week over this matchup. What I wouldn’t give to feel the excitement. That stretch of highway where you leave Georgia, enter Tennessee, then go back into Georgia briefly is one of the weirdest things. (Titans +7)

San Diego (+4) @ Chicago
CRM – If the Jets lost because they had such a short week then the Chargers will obviously win because they had such a long week. That’s what she said. (Bears)

Lisk – This line doesn’t make sense to me. Which concerns me. I’ll still pick the Bears but Chargers on road, in cold weather city, against a team at least 7 points better based on field results. Don’t get it. (Bears -4)

Philadelphia (+6.5) @ New York Giants
CRM – NFC East games are always so hotly contested. Rivalry. Intensity. Talking points. Michael Vick? Eli Manning is the best Manning. (Giants)

Lisk – I would make a joke, but instead I’ll just pick the Eagles (Eagles +6.5)

Kansas City (+15) @ New England

CRM – I’m going to flex this game for extra beer and wings. (Chiefs)

Lisk – Tyler Palko is clutch. He won’t get a chance to prove it though. (Patriots -15)

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