This Penn State Message Board Was Talking about Jerry Sandusky in September of 2010

Is this the message board that helped investigators track down Matt McQueary? As you can see, starting on Sept. 16, 2010 – the day Jerry Sandusky was fired by the 2nd Mile – Penn State insiders started wondering if this scandal could bring down the program.

* I’ve read some scintillating rumors on other sites as to how this or some other rumor will practically destroy our football program.

* I don’t understand what Jerry did or didn’t do on his own time, probably after his stint as PSU coach has to do with the program today?
That’s what I was wondering myself. I wonder if people are speculating about a cover up.

* I’m pretty confident that Sandusky was involved activities that will tarnish his legacy. The main PSU sites have all basically said the same thing: There are some sensitive things going on, the news will break sometime soon, and they will not break the news out of fear of having their ties to the program cut.

As for how this could harm the program… the only plausible explanation that I’ve seen or heard of is the “what if” question of whether or not people above Jerry knew about what was going on.

FOS has deleted any posts about this over on their site, and will probably continue to do so until other media report the news. However, the first post about trouble brewing was made by a former player on FOS who basically said for fans to brace themselves because whatever news was going to be coming out wouldn’t be pretty.

* Take it for what it’s worth, but according to one of the Sports247 staffers over at Lions247, several members of the PSU staff have been putting feelers out regarding potential opportunities elsewhere.

Wonder if one of those people “putting out feelers” was current head coach Tom Bradley? If you remember, Bradley had the media pushing for him to get the Pittsburgh Panthers opening last winter.

Because you want to see it first!

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