Robert Griffin III Knocked Out Of Baylor Win and Heisman Race?

Robert Griffin III, the rightful heir of the Heisman Trophy, was knocked out of Baylor’s 66-42 victory over Texas Tech last night. Griffin slid for a first down late in the second quarter when Cornelius Douglas hit him in the head. Griffin left for a play before returning to run for his second touchdown of the night. Baylor’s medical staff kept Griffin out of the second half for precautionary reasons, but Baylor still scored 35 behind two passing touchdowns from backup Nick Florence.

This is not going to be good for Griffin’s Heisman hopes. While Griffin’s numbers remain patently absurd, seeing Baylor’s offense roll with such efficiency in his absence might make his accomplishments a little less impressive. Also, he missed out on an big half of football that would have bumped his numbers even higher.

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