The Astros Have Bid Farewell to the Great Ed Wade

The Astros Have Bid Farewell to the Great Ed Wade


The Astros Have Bid Farewell to the Great Ed Wade

When a baseball team finishes with a horrendously embarrassing record of 56-106, fans can expect at least a few changes. Throw in a new owner and one can brace for a thorough cleansing as though it were conducted by The Wolf himself. That’s exactly what’s taking place in Houston at the moment with the Astros and hungry new owner Jim Crane. Last night team president Tal Smith was dismissed along with universally hated and wonderfully inept GM, Ed Wade.

“With the change in ownership, we would like a fresh start in baseball operations,” Postolos said. “We have told Ed and Tal that we are making a change. We recognize their dedication to the Houston Astros. We thank each of them for their significant contributions and many years of service to the Astros, and wish them our very best as they pursue new opportunities.”

It’s assumed that the words “significant contributions” are used rather loosely in Houston when you consider the club is 63 games under .500 since the arrival of fast Eddie and his dirty fingers. The question is, and it’s really the key here, do the Astros fill the sea of potholes left in Wade’s wake with something of substance, or do they simply find new Silly Putty?

Regardless of who’s given the lofty honor, the constraints will be imposing based on Crane’s statement that the current $60 million payroll will “go backward before it goes forward.” With $45 million of whatever the pot ends up being already set aside for Wandy Rodriguez, Brett Myers, Brandon Lyon, and the immortal Carlos Lee, another 100-loss season is pretty much a reality.

Their deflated fans would be wise to remain as such and embrace for another shitty ride.

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