RIP Patrice O'Neal

Patrice O’Neal died today from complications having to do with a stroke he suffered in October. O’Neal was just 41. He has nothing to do with sports, but he was one of those comedians who was always great. He played T-Bone (Did you burn down the storage unit? Oh, most definitely.) on Arrested Development, appeared on The Office as well as The Opie  & Anthony Show.

Most importantly, he was a regular on Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn. Tough Crowd was where I was first introduced to Patrice, along with guys like Greg Giraldo, Jim Norton and Nick DiPaolo. The fact that less than 10 years later both O’Neal and Giraldo are gone is really sad. So go to YouTube and watch as much of these guys as you can. I have personally watched about two hours of old Tough Crowd videos today.


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