Leadership Changes Atop the Big 12 and Pac 12, Plus Oklahoma State Getting Screwed Likely Will Lead to a Plus-1 College Football Playoff in 2015

After it was announced that Oklahoma State was left out of the BCS title game due to the computers and uninformed voters, Big 12 interim commish Chuck Neinas said the following:

“The plus-one model has received consideration before,” Neinas said. “As a result of this year, I feel that consideration should become more serious as we move forward.”

If you’re keeping score at home, commissioners from the SEC and ACC back the idea of a plus-1 playoff. Neinas replaced resident idiot Dan Beebe, who was totally against a playoff of any sort. Back in 2008, Beebe partnered up with then-Pac 10 commish Thomas C. Hansen and Big Ten commish Jim Delaney to block any efforts at a plus 1.

If you look at the breakdown now, Beebe’s replacement is clearly pushing for a plus 1. Hansen has been replaced by Larry Scott, who is a bit of a wild card in all of this. Given the expansion of his conference, the money that is flowing into his conference, the impressive collection of coaches in his conference, and the strength his conference might have in 2012 if Matt Barkley returns to USC, I’m going to guess Scott is a playoff guy. (Gosh, I hope I’m right.)

Jim Delaney still runs the Big Ten, and he’s a clueless rube, so there’s no hope there. I know what I want next year: the Pac-12 and Big Ten getting the Oklahoma State treatment. Wonder how Scott and Delaney will feel if USC and Michigan are BCS title game-worthy, but the computers and voters favors two more SEC teams (LSU, which will be loaded and … Arkansas?).

Auburn getting snubbed in 2004 led to Slive’s idea for a plus-one. Let’s hope Neinas feels the same way after Oklahoma State got it hard and fast. Conference commissioners (10 leagues plus Notre Dame following the CUSA-MWC merger) will vote in 2012, and if they vote for a plus-one, it’ll take effect in 2015, after the TV contract expires in 2014.

Because you want to see it first!

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