The Harris Interactive Poll: Where Alabama Gets Ranked No. 4 Below Stanford, Twice.

The Harris Interactive Poll, in concert with the Coaches Poll, helps determine the BCS Championship. Here are some of the interesting decisions made by that gaggle of football luminaries who may, or may not, have turned on their television sets last weekend.

Former ND Wide Receiver Derrick Mayes is a strong candidate for the batshit award. He has Auburn (18) and Georgia unranked. Georgia (10-3) beat Auburn (7-5) by a 45-7 margin when the teams met head to head. He has Oklahoma State (6) and Oklahoma (9). He also left Penn State, 9-3, unranked behind Louisville (7-5) and Rutgers (8-4). PSU played three Top 30 teams, three more than Louisville and Rutgers combined.

NFL quarterback and FIU coach Don Strock had a doozy of a ballot as well. He has Michigan (25) eight places behind Nebraska (17), a team with a worse record the Wolverines beat head to head by four touchdowns. Strock also has Cincinnati (18), a 9-3 Big East team with two wins over teams with winning records (N.C. State and Louisville), ahead of West Virginia (20) who beat them and have an identical record, as well as PSU, MSU, Oklahoma and Michigan.

Ex-Stanford QB Todd Husak has a vote. He used it to place Stanford (3) ahead of Alabama (4). Former Iowa State coach Jim Walden also voted Alabama (4) behind Oklahoma State and Stanford.

George Wine, a former SID at Iowa, voted Oklahoma State (6). They are behind Houston (5). Oklahoma went 6-1 vs. the Sagarin Top 30. Houston went 0-1. Wine, 80, admitted “he doesn’t do as much research” as other voters and doesn’t think it is possible to subjectively rank teams. To recap, an 80-year-old, retired PR guy who doesn’t do much research has more influence over the eventual BCS champion than margin of victory.

Gary Sanders has TCU (5) and Oregon (11). Oregon beat Stanford (Sanders’ 4) by three touchdowns in Stanford. TCU beat Sanders’ 6 Boise State by one point on a missed field goal. Oregon played a tougher schedule. LSU/USC > Baylor/SMU.

Former SEC Commissioner, and BCS creator, Roy Kramer had five SEC teams – LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina and Georgia – in his Top 11. Though, he at least had the good sense to keep Boise State (10) ahead of Georgia (11).

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