Roundup: Kepler 22-b is an Earth-Like Planet, Everybody Loves Tim Tebow & Watch a Car Crash into a Restaurant

Stacy Keibler … “74-Year-Old College Professor Charged With Running Somerville Meth Lab” … this one’s for fans of the new 90210Sony is pissed at the New Yorker over a movie review posted before an embargo … “Hundreds of sex-crimes cases weren’t properly examined by Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office” … Tom Shales is not a fan of Kathie Lee Gifford … “Man Survives on Frozen Beer after Getting Truck Stuck in Alaska Snowdrift for Three Days” … this twitter fight is nerdy on an epic scale … 4th grader suspended for calling his teacher cute … the “Geezer Bandit” robbed his 16th bank … Khloe Kardashian sued for assault by a transgender woman … model walks into propeller of chopper, loses hand, may lose eye …

Very cool: Kepler 22-b is an Earth-like planet. It is only 600 light years away. [BBC]

San Diego Chargers 38, Jacksonville Jaguars 14. At one point late in the first half, the Jaguars led 14-10. [Union Trib]

The Tim Tebow-for-MVP columns keep rolling in. [The Daily]

Terribly sad: Wife of high school football coach in Mississippi shot and killed. [NEMS360.com]

Mark Titus weighs in on the UNC-Kentucky game from Saturday. [Grantland]

’90s Red Sox sexual abuse case rekindled. [Globe]

ESPN’s Erin Andrews files new invasion of privacy suit against Marriott Hotel. [Tennessean]

Travis Outlaw of the Nets is out indefinitely with a fractured hand that he may have suffered hitting a heavy punching bag. [Woj]

Here’s a good read on Speedy Morris, the former LaSalle coach. [Philly Mag]

“[Tim Tebow’s] a shrine to the power of a strong, committed, passionate two-parent upbringing … NFL quarterback is a position best played by young men who were raised by strong fathers.” [Whitlock]

Some thoughts on Carl Pelini as the next coach at Florida Atlantic. [University Press]

BCS gives us a nightmare schedule instead of a dream tournament. [Feinstein]

“Police are searching for a red Honda Element that left the scene shortly after the robbery occurred. The vehicle, an SUV, has a University of Alabama vanity tag frame bearing the words ‘Roll Tide.'” [DNJ.com]

Remember Wizards’ coach Eddie Jordan? He’s now coaching high school hoops in DC. [Post]

The Top 100 fantasy basketball players. [Hoops World]

Check out this car crashing through a restaurant in San Diego. [via Union Trib]

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus … [via Hot Clicks]

This is what it looks and feels like for a college cheerleader to be tossed through the air.

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