The Miami Marlins Offer to Albert Pujols is Reportedly Now 10 Years [UPDATE]

It’s a tweeting bonanza at the MLB winter meetings in Dallas and so far, it’s all about the Miami Marlins. After landing Jose Reyes and Heath Bell, the team has shifted its focus to Albert Pujols and have reportedly upped their offer to a ridiculous 10 years. No dollar amount has been floated just yet, but didn’t we all learn something from the obscene A-Rod-Yankee deal? This would essentially be the same scenario, bringing the diaper-wearing slugger to the age of 41 in the final year of the contract.

Regardless of whether the offer makes sense – it doesn’t – the Cardinals are nervous. Pujols’ agent and renowned party boy, Dan Lozano, met with the Marlins twice yesterday and is scheduled to meet with them again today.

It’s of my expert opinion (read: hunch) that the St. Louis Cardinals are screwed.

[UPDATE: Bob Nightengale of the USA Today tweeted that the offer is said to be in excess of $200 million. Since Pujols wasn’t pleased with the Cardinals offer of $22 million a year before the season, I’m guessing the Marlins offer is somewhere around $250 million to make that per year salary a little easier on the eyes.]

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