Guards Are Posted at the Albert Pujols St. Louis Statue Right Now

St. Louis fans are predictably upset today. Their hero, Albert Pujols, the man who brought their city two World Series titles, has signed a contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Fans are distraught and have already disowned the former face of the franchise now that he fled for one of the biggest contracts in MLB history.

Occasionally, unhinged, angry sports fans do stupid things. That’s why there are security guards patrolling the Albert Pujols statue outside Pujols’ restaurant. If you ask me, it seems unnecessary. Just because sports fans have rioted over Stanley Cup losses and the punishment of sex offenders doesn’t mean they’re going to treat the Pujols statue like it’s the image of a deposed dictator. Right?

Here’s what Big League Stew had to say about the statue just a month ago:

Pujols’ ability to officially negotiate with other teams starts on Thursday, but I find it hard to believe he’s going to land elsewhere and this statue is part of the reason why. Yeah, it’s only a hunk of bronze and it’ll provide a nice home for pigeons regardless of Pujols’ plans, but not even LeBron James would have had the temerity to watch a statue of himself erected in Cleveland before signing down in Miami. Surely Pujols wouldn’t agree to this tribute if there were any chance of him leaving, right?

Sorry, St. Louis. At least you still have the St. Lunatics.


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