Kansas Hires Charlie Weis, Is Unsure Why Everyone is Laughing.

After two years of Turner Gill, the Jayhawks felt it was time for a decided schematic advantage. Kansas has hired Charlie Weis as its next head coach. This will generate buzz, but not the type of buzz Kansas was expecting. This is just incredible.

What about Weis’ college track record permeates optimism? Weis took Notre Dame to consecutive BCS bowls his first two seasons. Then, playing with his players and his system firmly installed, he went 16-21 the next three seasons and was fired. It wasn’t because he was at Notre Dame. That level of fail would have gotten him fired from most schools.

His enduring impressions were (a) arrogance (b) even more arrogance and (c) someone who could produce offense with pieces in place could not comprehensively develop and deploy talent (what Kansas needs him to do). Essentially, he was an NFL offensive coordinator coaching college football. Weis returned to the NFL and was successful, on the field, with Kansas City. He then returned to college football this past season to coach Florida’s offense. They were, to put it politely, a disappointment.

Kansas should improve under Weis, but only because he can’t possibly make them worse, but this hiring reeks of denseness and desperation. Our only question: will he be using Jimmy Clausen or Brady Quinn as the focal point of his recruiting pitch? We’ll revisit this coaching search in three years.

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