Mike Leach's Partner in the Casino Del Sol College All-Star Game is Familiar with Houston Strip Clubs

Everyone excited for the Casino Del Sol College All-Star Game? It’s being held Jan. 16th in Arizona. Houston Nutt and Pat Hill – both currently unemployed – will be coaching. The “AZ Sports Group, LLC” puts the game together, and two officers in said group are new Washington State coach Mike Leach and his friend, John Gray. Who is John Gray? Seattle Weekly investigates:

On the game’s website, the organizers are listed as Arizona Sports Group, LLC, a business incorporated in 2010 listing Leach and John Gray as co-managers. The site’s “About Us” section also features bios of both men, but with some notable details missing.

As the publisher of titles like Adult Quest, Wildscene, and Risque Business, Gray presides over a regional [Houston] strip-club-guide empire. His magazines are a quirky mix of raunchy editorials from local lawyers and porn stars, and glossy ads for Houston-area cabarets.

Neat! The real question is whether or not Gray will be putting on the game’s afterparty. Permission to let the Pirates and Porn jokes fly. [Seattle Weekly via Ritty Rich]

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