Ryan Fitzpatrick's Been Struggling Since Getting that Franchise QB Money

At the end of October, when the Bills were 4-2 and looking like a playoff team, Buffalo made a move I thought was a bad one: It signed QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to a 6-year, $59 million contract with $24 million guaranteed.

Since inking that deal, Buffalo has won one game – 23-0 over Washington a day after the contract was signed – and lost six in a row. Here’s how Fitzgerald has performed over the last six games:

I’m not huge on QB rating, but this is just eye-popping: 51.9, 46.6, 45.8, 111.5, 88.0, 31.0
Here’s his TD-INT ratio during that span: 6:9
He’s completed more than 60% of his passes in just three of those six games.
Buffalo’s point-total in those six games: 11, 7, 8, 24, 17, 10.

Obviously, Fitzpatrick’s struggles have to do with injuries around him – he lost his center and his star running back. The defense has been atrocious. But undeniably, Fitzpatrick has been a disaster. Is he a franchise QB? Or just a guy who rode a hot streak at the end of last season – when Buffalo had nothing to play for – and early this season, and parlayed it into big bucks?

Here’s what Michael Lombardi said in his weekly column about Fitzpatrick and the Bills:

I wonder if the Bills have buyer remorse on giving Ryan Fitzpatrick a big contract? If I am in Buffalo, I still think they need to draft a quarterback high next year.

One would assume the 5-8 Bills aren’t going to be in the mix for a Top 10 draft pick. After sinking $24 million into Fitzpatrick, can you really go out and pay 1st round money to a guy like Landry Jones of Oklahoma or Robert Griffin of Baylor? Do you reach for Ryan Tannehill in the 2nd round? Or is the move to fortify the offensive line? Perhaps grab a No. 1 receiver (sorry, Steve Johnson’s more of a No. 2)? It’s back to the drawing board as usual for the Buffalo Bills.

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