This Seems Like a Silly Reason to Keep Jeff Bagwell Off Your Hall of Fame Ballot

Here’s Jeff Jacobs of the Hartford Courant on Jeff Bagwell’s Hall of Fame chances:

I have wanted to wait a few years to see if anything surfaced. To watch ESPN, Yahoo!, New York Daily News, the Texas media — someone with the resources and vigor — put Bagwell in its headlights and see if he emerges clean. I have no intentions of making him wait forever. I will wait another year or two. If the worst thing I do is to make him enter the Hall of Fame with his teammate Craig Biggio, well, that’s damning Bagwell with a great blessing.

Peter Gammons is going to be angry at this logic. So will Tyler Kepner. Jacobs voted for Barry Larkin and Jack Morris, neither of which was a better player in his prime than Bagwell. In 2010, Bagwell spoke at length with ESPN about steroids. [Courant]


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