Eric Gordon Was on a Bus With Clippers Season Ticket Holders When He Found Out the Clippers Traded Him

Eric Gordon wasn’t just at a “Clipper Event” Wednesday evening – he was riding a bus around LA with Clippers’ season ticket holders, reports Scott Howard-Cooper. While on the bus, the news broke that Gordon had been traded to the Hornets in the Chris Paul deal.


It’s unclear how he’s taking the trade – all Gordon has tweeted since the trade: “Wow.” Chris Kaman, another Clipper heading to the Bayou, says twitter knew about the deal before he did. Gotta love social media.

The good news for Gordon is that if he liked averaging 17 shots a game last season (22.3 ppg), he’ll love taking north of 20 shots a night with the Hornets. He might actually be a decent darkhorse pick to lead the NBA in scoring. Other than Trevor Ariza, who else is taking shots on that team? I would guess those two will take 60% of the team’s shots.

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