Brock Lesnar Charged With Canadian Deer Hunting Violations

There ain’t nobody as ‘Merican as Brock Lesnar. This is a man who once shot the deer in that picture and then folded that deer up and put it in a backpack and then put that backpack on his back and walked home. That’s why, when he goes deer hunting up in Canada, you can’t expect him to play by that “country’s” silly syrup-sucking rules. From the Pioneer Press:

Lesnar, 34, of Alexandria, Minn., has been charged in Medicine Hat with three counts of violating the Alberta Wildlife Act in connection with a 2010 hunting and fishing trip, according to court officials and published reports.

The three counts are failing to tag a deer after killing it; allowing edible mule deer flesh to be wasted or abandoned; and illegal possession of a deer, a Medicine Hat Provincial Court official said.

Brock Lesnar has a Dutchman to beat up on December 30th. He doesn’t have time to tag the deer-beasts he shoots with his hunting bazookas. Step off Canada.

[Chad Dukes Wrestling Show, Pioneer Press, Images]

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