Clemson and West Virginia Struggling to Sell Orange Bowl Tickets

The prospect of watching a Chad Morris and Dana Holgorsen offensive explosion at the Orange Bowl has enthused the fan bases of neither Clemson nor West Virginia. The teams have sold just 8,500 and 6,500 respectively from their 17,500 allotments. It looks as though both schools will be making seven-figure donations, but at least the money goes to a good cause.

Both schools likely will pay more than $1 million a piece, for their 9-3 football teams to meet in a moderately exciting exhibition game. It’s clear that the allotment system needs to be either (a) done away with altogether or (b) discounted to stop schools being undermined by the secondary ticket market. Major bowls could survive by trimming some fat, but alas, the fat they provide has become the sole reason for their existence.

[Photo via Getty]

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