Sunday Night Football: Ravens And Chargers Both Want To Win

[San Diego rolled to victory, 34-14, further muddling the AFC playoff picture.]

Listen. I know. Tim Tebow and Tom Brady were just playing football. It’s not the same now. I understand. The very fact that Tebow was relegated to a common non-national afternoon game disgusts me as well. So now we’re stuck with the other AFC showdown with playoff implications. [adjusts monocle]

After a 4-1 start and a seemingly insurmountable lead in the AFC West, the Chargers dropped SIX consecutive football games. They were dead. Now, the Broncos dropped a game to the Pats. The Chargers have won two games in a row. If they win tonight, that’s what we call a “streak.” Oh, and they’ll be just a game out of first in the West.

As for the Ravens, they’re fighting the Steelers, Texans and Patriots for one of the top-two spots in the AFC. Baltimore has won four straight, but didn’t exactly blow out their last two opponents (Indy and Cleveland). If I had to bet on this game, I’d probably ask Lisk who he liked. FYI – He picked the Chargers.

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