Don Mattingly Played the Role of Mother Ginger in a Production of "The Nutcracker"

The Evansville Ballet put on a production of the “The Nutcracker” this past Saturday night and, as any fan of the timeless two-act ballet might expect, Yankee legend and current Dodgers manager Don Mattingly played the role of Mother Ginger. But of course.

Here’s Mattingly:

“Was kinda cool, kinda getting out on that limb a little bit, getting out of your comfort zone … I’d seen Mother Ginger at an Aces (Evansville Aces) game a couple years, so I thought that was pretty funny. So I thought, why not.”

Never saw Donnie Baseball as one who would embrace the arts quite like this, but then again he does work in Los Angeles. Video of him discussing the role as well as a few moments from the performance itself can be found right here.

[Tristate, Baseball Card Store, h/t: The GB]

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