Jamal Crawford Paid $12,000 to New Teammate Luke Babbitt Just to Wear No. 11

Jamal Crawford decided to head home and sign with Portland last week as a free agent, but he ran into a minor problem with the Trailblazers: Luke Babbitt already wrote Crawford’s trademark No. 11. So Crawford, using new teammate LaMarcus Aldridge as a mediator, ended up cutting a deal with Babbitt to get No. 11.

“That was a hard bargain, a tough bargain to get it,” Crawford said, laughing, after the Blazers’ practice on Saturday. “Luke could have been a lawyer … he got me.”

Aldridge planted the seed for the transaction on Wednesday night, when he called Babbitt to lobby on Crawford’s behalf.

Babbitt told Aldridge he was open to a change and would think it over. The next morning, Crawford reached out to Babbitt in a text message and the two exchanged figures in a series of back-and-forth bargaining sessions.

“He low-balled me,” Babbitt said, laughing. “So I came back with something and we met in the middle.”

If you’re wondering, Crawford’s deal with Portland was for 2 years and $10 million; I’m no Darren Rovell, but rudimentary math tells me …

$5 million per year
66 games
$75,757 per game
$18,939 per quarter

And by rudimentary, I mean that taxes, lawyer, agent and baby mama payments are not included in those figures. And I have no idea if Aldridge asked for a cut for essentially brokering the deal. [Oregonian]

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