49ers' Defense Plays Lights Out, San Francisco Pounds Pittsburgh, 20-3

The lights went out twice at Candlestick Park, causing 35 minutes worth of delays. Then San Francisco played lights-out defense and cruised past the Pittsburgh Steelers, 20-3 on Monday Night Football.

Ben Roethlisberger, playing on a gimpy ankle that required a cortisone shot, tossed three interceptions and fumbled once. The loss drops the Steelers to 5th in the AFC playoff hunt. The win put the 49ers in the No. 2 playoff spot in the NFC, ahead of the Saints on tiebreakers.

Your quote of the night comes from Ryan Clark of the Steelers:

“I just feel like San Francisco took a big step to show the NFL and to show the state of California that they need a new stadium. I think it was a very strategic move, and Candlestick may be no more.”

Yes, Mr. Clark. The 49ers caused the transformer to explode.

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