Mark Sanchez and Eli Manning: Expect a Late, Comeback Victory By One of Them

We’re going to have a houseful on Christmas Eve, but I will do my best to watch every play of the meaningful Jets – Giants game.

(For what it’s worth, I took the Jets -3 even though I have zero faith in this team right now.)

All the pundits are picking the Giants simply because in a matchup of two overrated teams (that could do damage in January!), “you’ve got to go with the better QB.” Who can blame the pundits? Eli Manning has had a much better season than Mark Sanchez. It’s not close. If the Giants manage to get into the playoffs. Eli Manning probably finishes 3rd in the MVP voting behind Rodgers and Brees. Sanchez, while throwing for the most TDs in his career and improving his QB rating for the third year in a row, is still only completing 56% of passes.

Here’s a fun stat I have been shouting for two weeks to all the Sanchez haters (well, the Jets fans who have given up on him), via Cold Hard Football Facts:

It’s not surprising to see comeback king Dan Marino lead the way with 4 one-minute drills in his career. This topic was touched on a year ago (see comment 39).

In 16 career opportunities, Marino led Miami to wins on two touchdowns and two field goals. He would have had a fifth one-minute drill if the kicker did not miss a game-winning field goal.

What is surprising is that Mark Sanchez is the other quarterback to have 4 one-minute drills. Maybe the most incredible part is that they came in a span of 12 games. That’s from last year’s overtime win in Cleveland to the 2011 season opener against Dallas.

If the Jets’ D had been able to stop Ben Roethlisberger late in the AFC title game … maybe Sanchez has five comebacks. Sanchez is clutch like that. Manning’s not too shabby when it comes to late rallies, either. He’s helped the Giants come from behind to beat the Bills, Dolphins, Patriots and Cowboys this season alone.

Prediction: Jets 17, Giants 16.

Marino, Sanchez Masters of the 1-Minute Drill [Cold Hard Football Facts]

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